Bula Africa

Certified Diamond Jewellery, Handcrafted,
Rough Diamonds Licence Holder


Diamonds are forever and these precious gifts will not cost you an arm and a leg! Try our 3 billion years old rough diamond jewellery and enjoy it’s beauty – magnificent and energetic!

Engagement Rings

Try our 3 billion years old rough diamond engagement rings and enjoy their beauty – magnificent and energetic…


Sparkling to either side of a beautiful face, our earrings really enhance the shining light of your spouse…


Nestled neatly in a suiting décolleté, Bula Africa pendants catch the eye, drawing it straight towards them… subtle but stunning!…


Enjoying that sparkling and tingling sensation of a few diamonds jingling on your wrist? Then our bracelets are just for you…


Even outfitting the tiara of Miss Botswana, Bula Africa headbands are a must for any aspiring queen and princess…


Already have that one set of keys for your house, home and car? Enhance and complete it with one of our explicit keyrings…

Certificate of Origin and Authenticity

Bringing you that diamond feeling

Mined by well paid and happy local people, not a drop of blood has ever been lost in a war since it was found here in 1967. Learn more…

Crafted To

Tailored to your requirements, we can craft our products to your wishes! Learn more…


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